Time to get off Putins case?

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Whether or not you believe claims that President Vladimir Putin could be the world’s richest man, albeit through hidden wealth, it’s no secret that the people of Russian are going to be suffering considerable hardships following the decline in Ruble values.

OK, so Putin won’t need to cry into his rye bread and sausage breakfast at every % decline, but we think it’s time the west got off his case and became more supportive of Russian generally…..it’s better to have the Russians as allies than be at loggerheads again surely?

We’d all like to see improvements in the position in the Ukraine but much as they say Britain can better influence Europe by being and “iny” rather than an “outy” (or is that belly-buttons?) aren’t we more able to influence Russia as true friends than clandestine enemies?

And it’ll effect British jobs – one of our favourite clients is a software developer that sells a PDF product globally, you’d expect the UK and USA to be big markets, and they are, along with Europe. But Russian customers are right up their buying licences for legitimate software, the Russian markets are full of good companies and customers, not just rumours of hackers. And every time the West squeezes Russia tighter, albeit understandably when human rights are at stake, doesn’t it make things worse? These folks in Russia will be less able to afford UK products, and who knows may eventually be banned from buying them?

That drop in turnover, even if it’s only 5% in one business or 2% of the UK economy will eventually directly impact British jobs in our view.

There is always another way – become true partners with our Russian neighbours, pally up with President Putin, cut him some slack and let him park his yacht at Canary Wharf if he likes, and who knows, maybe everyone will prosper and they’ll even work together to turn the Ukraine into the next hot free trade zone…..creating a land buffer for Putin and an economic adrenalin shot for everyone else.

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