Setting up or editing your social media channels is one of those essential but frustrating jobs – not only do you have to make sure the same details are correct for each platform, but each one has different image size and pixel requirements – hands up if you’ve spent a lot of time wrestling with your logo to make it fit for each different platform you use! We have, so we feel your pain!

Having also spent a lot of time muttering and typing “what size image does my <insert channel> logo need to be?” into Google, we’ve saved you the future effort and put it all below in one easy reference image for the most popular networks. You can thank us later (with a Like or a Follow if you so choose!)

Without further ado….

Social Network Image Size Guide

And the plain text version:

FACEBOOK 180 x 180 851 x 315
YOUTUBE 800 x 800 2560 x 1440 (max 2MB)
WHATSAPP 192 x 192 NA
TWITTER 400 x 400 1500 x 500
GOOGLE+ 1000 x 1000 (recommended) 1600 x 900
INSTAGRAM 180 x 180 Random collage of your photos generated by Instagram
PINTEREST 165 x 165 NA
LINKEDIN 400 x 400 1400 x 425
SNAPCHAT Create in Bitmoji app NA
FLICKR 300 x 300 2048 x 492
SKYPE 96 x 96 NA
REDDIT 256 x 256 1280 x 384
TUMBLR 128 x 128 1280 x 1920
VIMEO 600 x 600 (Video): Max aspect ratio of 1:3.33
FOURSQUARE 185 x 185 860 x 130
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