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Top 10 Google Tricks Tip List

Mason Tomlin Google 0 Comments

Whether you have time to kill or non-to lose, we have gathered the top 10 Google Search tricks for you to become a real search wizard. 10. Use quotes to search for an exact phrase Probably the most well-known trick on this list. Simply try searching a phrase in quotation marks will result in the search results only displaying pages/posts …

Google Maps

Google to close Classic Maps, but will you notice the difference?

Rebecca Sturgess Google, Search Engines 0 Comments

Google released a huge update to their Maps function in Feb 2014, replacing the Classic version with an upgraded version. This met with mixed feedback; some users find the new Maps is very slow to load and hard to navigate, but others find the enhanced features outweigh the downsides, including Street View imagery, easier route planning and clearer directions. Those …

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Google Glass……they’ve broken the mould but not the idea

Stuart Haining Google 0 Comments

The Internet has been alive with news that Google has abandoned its ambitious Google Glass project and the general consensus seems to be a degree of gloating that the online mega-giant has failed. Whilst we are not known for being big fans of Google (by that we mean its business practices, there is of course no denying it’s a damned …

How well does Google know you?

Rachel Tierney Google 0 Comments

You may or may not know that Google runs ads based on what you have previously searched online for before – so when you have been on a shoe website looking at some lovely winter boots, you will more often than not, find that you will be targeted with adverts featuring those very same boots, or ones very similar, a …

Funny Friday – Images you can find on Google

Rachel Tierney General, Google 0 Comments

Thanks to Google, we have access to not only all of the search engine results we could ever possibly want, but also, a vast array of photos and images – especially now that Google Street View and Google Maps are so prominent. And as it is a Friday, we thought we would create a ‘Friday Funny’ Pinterest board on the …


Google’s Billion Dollar Plan

Rachel Tierney Google, New Technology 0 Comments

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is set to spend in excess of $1 billion on launching its very first Internet-beaming satellite fleet. Google has decided to start the program off with around 180 smaller satellites that will orbit the earth at lower altitudes than the more traditional satellites currently in the skies above. This means that Google will …